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Executive Summary

Since 2022 ALPA’s Frontier pilot representatives and officers, as well as national staff and committee subject matter experts, met regularly to draft and refine the pilot group’s Strategic Plan. This plan represents the blueprint for future union initiatives and will serve as a road map for the pilot group going forward as we prepare to open negotiations with the company under Section 6 of the Railway Labor Act.

The complete plan contains information regarding Frontier’s financial condition and the current status of the airline industry, as well as tactical insights into our pilot group and Frontier’s management team. It lays out goals for our pilot group and assigns tasks and a timeline to achieve them.

This executive summary of the strategic plan is a comprehensive look at our goals while keeping our exact strategies and tactics private.


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Let’s remember the last chapter of negotiations.

Frontier MEC Cornerstones for Negotiations

All pilot contracts negotiated by ALPA are built on four cornerstone areas:
Job Security, Pay/Other Compensation, Scheduling/Quality of Life, and Retirement/Other Benefits

These four cornerstones are the fundamentals upon which a solid collective bargaining agreement is built. ALPA’s Economic and Financial Analysis Department (E&FA) has compared Frontier’s current contract to newer agreements at its peer carriers like Hawaiian, United, and Delta. The Frontier contract falls short in all four areas, and building them up to at least industry standard is the underlying goal of our current negotiations.


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